Lack of cell service = potential for tragedy


I am writing to express my deep concern regarding a recent incident that unfolded in Waltham, Quebec, which highlighted a significant issue with cell service in our community. On Monday October 16, I was flagged down to assist a driver with a possible fatality on his hands. I witnessed the tragic and untimely death of a 64-year-old person. What made this already devastating situation even more distressing was the complete lack of cell service in this area and all surrounding areas.

In the face of this emergency, I, along with others, attempted tirelessly to reach out to 911 and the local police. Information finally reached the authorities after many calls and disconnects, all due to the abysmal cellular coverage in this vicinity. This inadequate service left us feeling powerless and sad, as we were unable to provide the swift response and assistance that the situation demanded.

The frustration and anger that engulfed us during those critical moments were overwhelming, especially knowing the time and distance it takes to get help in such a dire circumstance.

The tragic events that unfolded that day underline the urgency of ensuring reliable and comprehensive cellular service in Waltham and its surrounding areas. Lives may depend on it, and no one in our community should have to endure such a sense of helplessness in an emergency.

I implore our local MP and MNA to take action on this matter, work with relevant authorities, and advocate for improved cell service. The safety and well-being of our community should be a top priority, and access to essential emergency services is a fundamental right that should never be compromised.

I look forward to seeing concrete steps taken to rectify this situation and prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Catherine Morin