Landfill for household waste in the Pontiac?

Landfill at garbage collection center

In the past, residents of MRC Pontiac have clearly voiced their opposition to landfill for municipal waste. They rejected a landfill for Danford Lake and also for the Bristol Mines. Last week, FilloGreen (the former Centre-Tri or Pontiac Sorting Center) located in the regional industrial park at Litchfield, advertised in the Equity and the Pontiac Journal inviting residents to consider sending their domestic waste to their landfill. Presently, they have a technical landfill which is authorized to take construction debris only. The 18 municipalities are very interested in sending their construction debris there, as it currently takes up a lot of space in the trucks to Lachute, and much of it can be recycled. For FilloGreen to accept household waste would require permission from the Minister of Environment. The direction our Council of Mayors has chosen – after maximum recycling and composting – is Energy from Waste. We believe it is a better solution than landfill.

Jane Toller
Warden MRC Pontiac