Maurice Beauregard Community Leadership Award


CAMPBELL’S BAY – Kelly McMahon-Beauregard, Maurice Beauregard’s wife, announced that the family will start a $1,500 scholarship for students each year to honour his memory and legacy.

Beauregard, the former mayor of Campbell’s Bay, passed away last year of cancer. He was an active member of the community, always ready to do volunteer work; he was dedicated and committed to the Pontiac.

Kelly wrote on Facebook: “Today, on Maurice’s birthday, we announce a very special project that Hunter, Carter and I are working on with the help of our family, friends and community. The idea was inspired by the person Maurice was, and we wanted to honour his memory and legacy while paying it forward to the youth leaders of the Pontiac.

Maurice believed so much in the Pontiac, and throughout his lifetime, he graciously got involved and participated in a variety of roles such as Mayor, municipal councillor, firefighter (Lieutenant) and first responder, as well as many committees, community activities, event planning, youth sports and more. His dedication, leadership and commitment to the community and to the Pontiac is something we would like to celebrate and recognize in the youth of the Pontiac. As such, we have created an annual graduation award (value of $500 each) to be granted to a graduating student from each of the three high schools in the Pontiac (Pontiac High School, École Secondaire Sieur de Coulonge and Dr. Wilbert Keon School).”

The memorial award will be called the ‘Maurice Beauregard Community and Leadership Award’ and will be given to the high school graduate who demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and actively contributed to improving student life for their respective school community.

The first recipients will be from the graduating classes of 2023. The award will be funded by an annual 3-pitch ball tournament, held the last weekend of May every year in Campbell’s Bay (this year on May 26 and 27). The tournament will be organized by the ‘Family and Friends of Maurice Beauregard’ and once the target goal of $1,500 is reached, the balance will be donated to the Municipality of Campbell’s Bay to be reinvested into the ‘Parc Maurice Beauregard Park’.”