New Director of Economic Development at MRC


Guillaume Boudreau the new Director of Economic Development for the MRC Pontiac

François Carrier

MRC PONTIAC – At a special meeting of the MRC Pontiac, held November 1, the council of mayors voted unanimously to hire Guillaume Boudreau as the new Director of Economic Development for the MRC Pontiac. “This appointment comes almost five months after the resignation of Cyndy Philipps. We wanted to take our time to find the best possible candidate to join our team and I think we found him,” said Warden Jane Toller. According to her, Guillaume Boudreau has the qualities necessary to bring the MRC Pontiac team together and is well positioned to create economic partnerships with Ontario. “He is perfectly bilingual and has an excellent knowledge of Ontario, which are two essential assets to ensure the economic development of ourterritory.”

Boudreau brings more than 14 years of experience in human resources management, finance and project development, as well as professional experience in the environmental, business and school management fields. He is also currently undertaking an MBA in business administration at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. He was previously employed as assistant manager for the Eastern Ontario Public School Board. On several occasions, Toller used the term “inspirational” to describe Mr. Boudreau’s personality. “Mr. Boudreau has a wide range of experience. We are confident he will be an inspiration to our dynamic and committed team in the economic development department. He is expected to take up his position at the MRC at the end of November. According to Toller, Boudreau’s priorities will be to take charge of the various files entrusted to him, to ensure sound management of human resources and to determine the development paths for the various projects of the MRC Pontiac.