No Policy Polievre


Canada’s Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, recently commented in Parliament that Pierre Poilievre wears more make-up than she does. The uproar caused her to apologize for the remark.

Freeland’s remark did, however, highlight Poilievre’s cover-up of the Conservative agenda. Quips like “Axe the tax” and “Jail, not bail” are not policy statements, regardless of how much they have captured media attention. These quips masquerade as policy and are a smokescreen hiding the real policy to be unleashed on the Canadian people.

Hinting he wants to install a balanced budget; will Poilievre cancel $10 a day daycare? Pharmacare? Dental care?  Fighting climate change must be based on more than wishing people would buy green energy appliances.  How will he help farmers? More affordable housing will not magically appear because he asks developers to build it. What is his plan for helping seniors live in dignity with the quality care they deserve? Governing a country as modern and complex as Canada is, with its multi-level jurisdictions, requires real world experience and insight into real solutions. Talking about transparency, it’s time to take the wraps off Conservative “No Policy Poilievre” solutions. It’s time to come clean with the Canadian people.


Carl Hager

Gatineau, QC