Otter Lake youth apologize for vandalism

Historical site sign damaged by vandals at Otter Lake.

Crystal Dubeau

OTTER LAKE – Several instances of vandalism plagued the Municipality of Otter Lake over the summer. Historical site walking trail signs were repeatedly scratched and damaged, flower baskets broken, and fence posts at the Veteran’s Memorial Park were pulled and bent.

The municipality urged locals to report any information to the authorities. After receiving video surveillance footage, the council warned that they would be filing a police report. Some residents suggested that the parents of youth suspected to be involved should have to pay for the repairs. Several young people from the community attended the August council meeting and admitted involvement in some of the vandalism. β€œIt took a lot of nerve for them to face the council and admit their wrongdoings. These young people have also fixed some of the damages and have promised that it will not happen again. We thank the mother that led them into the meeting and stood up for them. Everyone makes mistakes and having the guts to admit to it is so appreciated.” said Andrea Lafleur, Otter Lake Director General.

The council has decided to give the kids a chance to make up for their mistakes without legal repercussions. Council also plans to install more cameras on municipal property and plexiglass over the signs for further protection.