Pontiac Council – Public Works buying equipment


Mo Laidlaw

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – The monthly meeting on June 13, 2023 at the Quyon Community Centre started a few minutes late as council and others had first gone to Luskville as stated in the online agenda. Twelve members of the public were present initially but many left after the question period due to poor acoustics. Mayor Roger Larose asked members of the public to approach so that he could hear their questions but this didn’t help the audience.

Councillor Diane Lacasse thanked the residents who renewed the flower beds at the Town Hall.

Public Works

The municipality is purchasing equipment with the aim of reducing outside contracts.

Mario Allen is authorized to bid for a used belly dump gravel trailer for up to $50,000, and for a tipping dump gravel trailer for up to $30,000, both at Les Encans Ritchie Bros.

Calls for tender for several used garbage trucks will be made on SÉAO: a 10-wheel for a maximum of of $250,000, a 6-wheel for at most $300,000 and an emergency truck for a maximum of $50,000. These tenders will be refused if a garbage contract is awarded.

A call for tenders for a used mini-excavator for about $100,000 and equipment for about $50,000 will be made.

Following tenders received, a Kubota side mower will be bought from Huckabone’s Equipment for $16,700 to cut grass along roads, and a used 10-wheel snow removal truck from Bryan Lance for $17,000.

A new bylaw on ATV use on named municipal roads was tabled.

Administration etc

$29,104 expenses for June were approved.

Council approved joining a group insurance contract for 5 years with UMQ, to cover employees and elected officials.

A project to improve access to the Ecocentre by investing $100,000 will be submitted to Recyc-Québec.

The cost of renting municipal buildings for community events such as courses or art events is reduced to $75 per month or $25 for a one time event.

Additional fees of $4,400 for use of Shawville Arena last winter were approved.

$3,500 is provided for prizes for the horse pull at the Pontiac Country Festival.

Seven firefighters will complete their Pompier 2 training with a new instructor for $2,700.


The contract with Cardo Urbanisme is renewed for $21,700.

The owner of 79 ch Desjardins built a deck without a permit, that reached to the side lot line, while the required distance is 2.5 m. He was refused a minor variance.

The MRC des Collines is submitting a collective application to the CPTAQ to allow lots that are not prime farm land to be used for residences without individual authorization. Council supports the MRC in this request.