Villa James Shaw hosts annual general meeting

Pictured, from left: VJS president, David Gillespie, Shawville Mayor Bill McCleary, former board members Ken Bernard and Rick Valin and new member Donna Hodgins.

Carl Hager

SHAWVILLE – The Villa James Shaw (VJS) senior’s residence project hosted its annual general meeting, June 19 at the Shawville Community Lodge, with a small crowd in attendance. Michel Laporte presided the meeting.

The usual annual meeting items were reviewed; former minutes, a financial statement showing about $360,417 in VJS assets, a budget, and an activity report from President David Gillespie.

Gillespie noted the project’s current hurdle is to locate a water run-off sediment catch basin. Since the basin may be located on RA property, discussions are underway with the RA to resolve the problem. Gillespie is optimistic the issue can be resolved soon.

The MRC Pontiac has provided grants to cover costs associated with environmental assessments, and the next step after all the environmental concerns are dealt with will be to work on the project’s “business plan”. During this phase, decisions will be made on what kind of structure to build and fundraising activities can resume.

“The project can resume fundraising once we’ve made a business plan and know what we can do to make our project a reality,” noted Gillespie, offering no timeline of when the senior’s residence may become a reality.

During the elections, Donna Hodgins was elected by acclamation as a new director and Jim Duncan remained on the board. Rick Valin and Ken Bernard resigned, leaving one vacancy that will be filled after candidates are approached.