Shawville starts 150th anniversary celebrations


William Dale
SHAWVILLE – A variety of Winter Carnival activities were held on Saturday February 11, at the RA centre, the curling rink and the local arena, to kick start Shawville’s year-long 150th anniversary celebrations.

Excited children chattered and laughed, as they sat in the back of a truck, sipping on steaming cups of hot chocolate, ready for a thrilling ride to the top of the hill, at the Shawville RA Centre. Hay bales were scattered around a fire, providing a comfortable place to sit, socialize and warm up either before or after the trip down the hill.

After sliding, participants could make their way to the curling rink where they enjoyed free hot dogs, hot drinks and other sweets. There were also free curling lessons available and visitors could try out the golf simulator, which includes various games besides golf.

Later in the afternoon, there was free skating for everyone, at the Shawville arena.

With all these activities and festivities, the 150th anniversary of the municipality was off to a good start, made possible by the hard work and dedication of Lions’ Club, the Curling Club and volunteer’s like Darcy Findlay. “When everyone works together, it makes for easier work. The Winter Carnival was a testament to the power of community and we are grateful for the support from everyone involved. We hope to continue this tradition for many years to come and make it an event that everyone looks forward to,” said Findlay, one of the organizers of the event.