Strategies to boost tourism in the Pontiac


Myléne Deneault speaks to the local businesses of the pontiac in Cinéma Lyn, Fort-Coulonge, concerning the importance of bringing in new people to the region.

William Dale

FORT-COULONGE – The Pontiac Tourism Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Tourism Conference at Cinema Lyn in Fort-Coulonge on April 27. This was an opportunity for members of the tourism industry to come together to discuss promoting tourism in the region.

One of the highlights was a keynote presentation by Kontakk Consultant Myléne Denault on tips for attracting short-term visitors. Denault shared her expertise on marketing and promoting, and provided valuable insights into how to target and engage potential visitors.

Another key presentation came from the partners at Destination Pontiac, who discussed the new “Van Life” tourism route – La Route 148. This new initiative is aimed at promoting the region as a destination for Van Lifers and offers a memorable way to experience the beauty and charm of the Pontiac.

Throughout the evening, attendees were able to connect with others in the industry and exchange ideas and best practices.

This AGM and Tourism Conference was a successful event that featured presentations from local businesses and focused on collaboration and networking. It is sure to have an impact on the region’s tourism industry while offering ideas for current, new and soon to open businesses.