Support requested for FilloGreen Landfill


My name is Roma Gauvreau. I’m the president of Centre FilloGreen (CFG), formerly known as Pontiac Sorting Centre, which specializes in the recovery of construction, renovation and demolition (C&D) materials.

On our site located in the Industrial Park of Litchfield, there is a sorting platform for C&D and a decontamination plant for materials contaminated on the surface by asbestos.

In June 2021, we obtained a certificate of approval from the Quebec Ministry of Environment to operate a landfill. For now, this certificate of approval allows us to receive C&D. However, the landfill can receive all kinds of waste including domestic. With firm support from the municipalities, adjustments to the certificate of approval – allowing us to receive domestic waste – could be easily finalized.

The purpose of this letter is precisely to get your support for this project

In the draft of MRC Pontiac’s 2023-2029 Plan de gestion des matières résiduelles (PGMR), it’s clearly mentioned that a landfill is required in the region as per action 24 on “orientation 7”. There are a lot of disadvantages to hauling household waste to the landfill in Lachute, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and significant cost. Due to the distance between Lachute and the Pontiac, your carbon footprint is widely increased by GHG emissions produced during this waste hauling. Besides, your cost for waste disposal is high.

We are aware of the ongoing project in the Outaouais region regarding a regional solution for the recovery of household waste. Please note that our offer won’t hinder this project. Whatever happens with this regional solution, Fillogreen’s landfill will be part of the MRC’s waste management.

By using our landfill, the carbon footprint of the MRC, and therefore, of your municipality, will be significantly reduced. You would save money. For example, your savings on household waste may be over $900,000 per year (as per data and input available). For your municipality, the savings will be significant.

If you need any additional information, feel free to contact us.

Roma Gauvreau, president
Centre FilloGreen