The fight isn’t over


January 9, Canada’s captured nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), announced its approval of the license to build a giant above-ground radioactive waste mound, aka Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF), beside the Ottawa River.

There was never any doubt that the CNSC would approve the license. The surprise is how long it took them to do so – seven and a half years! That is a testament to the incredible opposition that mobilized to fight the ridiculous plan. In a David and Goliath battle, opponents effectively derailed the original plan of the CNSC and the consortium to have shovels in the ground six years ago, in January 2018. That is an accomplishment worth celebrating!

The battle is not over. It will move to the courts now. And along with our allies, we will continue to push for an international ARTEMIS review of the proposal. On that note, thank you to everyone who signed and shared House of Commons e-Petition 4676; the petition closed for signatures on January 10 having been signed by well over 3000 Canadians in just 30 days.

A meeting with MP Sophie Chatel about how to move the request for an ARTEMIS review forward will take place soon. Other next steps are in the works, and we will keep you posted about them as plans crystalize.

We are very grateful to our Algonquin brothers and sisters for their strong stand against irresponsible nuclear waste projects in their unceded territory. We look forward to continuing to work with them toward an ultimate victory at some point down the road.

This seems a good time to share the inspiring words of Algonquin Elder Claudette Commanda, delivered during a press conference at 50 Sussex Drive on August 10, 2023:

“This nuclear waste facility will damage the water and we all know that. Conscientious people are rising. We must rise together; we are all in that medicine wheel. No matter our colour, our creed, or our title, we are all related in the human family, and we must stand together. We have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters, the animals, to the water life and to the land. We cannot stop the thunder. We cannot stop the rain from falling. We cannot stop the lightning from striking. We cannot stop the rivers from flowing. But together as human beings, as brothers and sisters, we can certainly stop the nuclear waste facility from coming here to the Ottawa River.”

Thank you everyone for your ongoing interest and support.

Lynn Jones
Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area