Time to read labels


I read an article recently that really opened my eyes wider. I am careful to shop Canadian, but we have to start looking at all the labels and stop supporting foreign offshore economies and invest in our own food producers and manufacturers. Here are a few facts to consider in the area of food.

Canned Fruit…. Del Monte comes from Taiwan, Dole from China, and E.D. Smith from Canada President’s Choice pickles come from India, where the main water supply is
the Ganges (The river that people use as a toilet).

Hershey’s left Smith Falls for Mexico, and GE 60-watt bulbs are made in Mexico. Great Value 60-watt, same quality, made in Canada. Walmart offers Equate products such as chocolate bars and candy that are made in Canada.

Kellogg’s are shutting down their operations in Canada and moving to China. General Foods and Post Cereals are from the USA, but Great Value cereals are made in Canada.

We should try to buy Canadian products first and, if not available, use American products, our huge trading partner.

But there’s more; on everyday things like a garden hose, if you read the label at Lowe’s, it’s probably from China. The same hose at Home Hardware is made in Canada.

If you buy toothpaste such as Colgate, it’s made in China. Crest on the other hand is a Canadian product.

If we support our Canadian farmers and manufacturers, we all win as we create jobs and help our own businesses survive and prosper.

Brian Coventry