Trust the process


As a resident of Pontiac, I support the MRC’s proposed Energy from Waste project.  After reading the March 13 Journal, I felt it important to respond to all the negativity given by these so-called experts and special interest groups. I prefer to wait and hear what the Quebec Ministers of Environment and Health have to say on the project.

This project is not going to happen overnight; there will be impact studies and public hearings etc. for a project of this size.

I support our mayors and the work they have been doing for the county.  They don’t have an easy job, continually being criticized for something that could be economically sustainable for the Pontiac if approved.  You know the old saying, “it is easier to criticize than do the job yourself”!

If the “Friends of the Pontiac” are really serious about the health and wellbeing of the people of the Pontiac, what are they doing about what is unfolding upriver? What CNL is planning to do at Chalk River [building a nuclear dump site] could have a far more damaging impact on the health of Pontiac residents than the proposed incinerator. Why is there so much cancer in Pontiac County and Renfrew County?

Let the MRC do its job and if the Ministries of Environment and Health determine that Energy from Waste isn’t a safe way to go, then it won’t happen. Simple as that.

A proud Pontiacer!

Helen Routliffe,