Where does the time go?


We lost an hour this past weekend; does anyone know where it went?

Has anyone seen an extra hour lying around, waiting to be spent on idle leisure? Did someone else gain an hour?

One of the advantages of being retired is that I usually don’t have anyplace I need to be at any given time, and yet, I’m obsessed with the passage of time, and have clocks in every room (which I had to change, one-by-one, over the past days). Also, as a retiree, the pay isn’t great, but the hours are flexible, with oodles of overtime, at that same low rate of pay.

Everybody’s clock has the same number of hours, and if you choose to do activity A, then activities B through Z go undone, at least by you. If someone makes plans to meet you at a certain time, and you don’t arrive or inform them, then you are stealing precious time from them; if they really like you, they’ll forgive you, but it’s a test of your social leverage (how many times they’ll put up with that) before deciding you’re too expensive.

I feel that rhythm and pace is the most important aspect of music. It’s that same old deal; I’ll meet you at the chord change, and if you’re late, I’ll have to go on
without you. 1-2-3-4, here we go. Looking high and low for that lost time.

Robert Wills
Shawville and Thorne