Wholeness and mental health discussion


Shawville United Church hosts mental health panel

Lidija Rozitis

SHAWVILLE – On June 15, Shawville United Church hosted a panel discussion on wholeness and mental health. The event consisted of three speakers, each covering different mental health topics.

The talk opened with Jacques Dicaire explaining Myers-Briggs personality types. Based on Carl Jung theory, there are 16 Myers-Briggs personality types consisting of four main categories ranging from Introvert to Extrovert, Sensing to Intuitive, Thinking to Feeling, and Judging to Perceiving. Jacques explained how knowing one’s personality type not only helps us better understand ourselves but also helps us better navigate the world and relationships with others.

Up next, Dr. Karen Chambers led a discussion on integrative approaches to depression. She talked about the many diverse causes of the disorder, ranging from circumstantial, to physical and psychosocial. She explained how depending on the root cause and type of depression, there are many proven ways to treat the mental health disorder. Most importantly, however, she emphasised how social connection and physical exercise are proven to be some of the most effective methods in treating depression. With her own personal anecdotes, she encouraged listeners to reach out for help and not suffer alone. She underscored how there is not only hope for sufferers, but ways for people to overcome and thrive in spite of the condition.

Lastly, educational counsellor Justin Bertrand closed the information session by discussing his understanding of and work with depression. He outlined how to recognize the illness is both ourselves and others and when to seek help, along with distinguishing between the concepts of mental health (a state of well-being) and mental illness (an ailment). Bertrand ended his talk with a “safe place” breathing exercise to show participants a simple way to manage stress and strong emotions.

The Shawville United Church plans to continue this series in the fall with topics including managing stress and anxiety. Keep an eye on the church’s social media pages to learn more about upcoming presentations.

PHOTO:  Speakers Jacques Dicaire, Justin Bertrand, and Dr. Karen Chambers discussed mental health topics at Shawville United Church on June 15. (LR)