Animal Aide Pontiac Lunch

PHOTO: Animal Aide Pontiac volunteers (left to right) Jayna Gilchrist, Katherine Morris, and Hailey Danis at the fundraiser lunch in Shawville, May 4. (LR)

Lidija Rozitis

SHAWVILLE – On May 4, Animal Aide Pontiac (AAP) hosted a fundraiser at Cartrite’s restaurant in Shawville.  The event was an opportunity for volunteers and pet foster parents to meet with each other while raising money for the organization. A large crowd enjoyed breakfast and participated in a raffle draw for prizes including a barbecue, patio swing, and apparel. At the end of the day, $3500 was raised.

AAP’s mission is to help control the feral cat population in the Pontiac through an affordable trap, neuter, and release program. Since 2019, AAP has sterilized 2800 cats. Despite those numbers, it’s estimated there are still hundreds of feral cats requiring sterilization in the region.

Director Katherine Morris said the Pontiac’s cat overpopulation problem is due to the lack of available vet care, owners not sterilizing their pets, and people abandoning cats. The cost-of-living crisis has exacerbated the overpopulation issue in the area, making AAP’s role even more important.

To donate or inquire about affordable spay and neuter programs, you can contact Animal Aide Pontiac through their Facebook page. The organization also has over 30 cats available for adoption.