Retirement of Major Troy Ricard

Photo – A special reception was held April 13 for Major Troy Ricard of Portage-du-Fort who is retiring from the army after 37.5 years of service. (JC)

Jamie Cameron

PORTAGE-DU-FORT – On April 13, Major Troy Ricard gave his last salute in uniform at the town hall in his hometown of Portage-du-Fort. Portage Mayor Lynne Cameron read a congratulatory letter from Ricard’s superior, as well as letters from Pontiac MP Sophie Chatel, MNA André Fortin, and MRC Warden Jane Toller. “It’s a great honour for us to host this celebration.” said Mayor Cameron.

Troy joined the army right after graduating from Pontiac High School and never looked back. He worked as a weapons expert for 25 years and then became an army officer in 2013. After 37 ½ years of service, he has finally retired and returned home.

A large group of family members and friends attended the reception. Major Ricard gave an emotional speech talking about his entry into the army, countries he’s been deployed to for tours and training, and jobs he’s done (rankings). Though very grateful for all the army has done for him, he said it was time for a new chapter in his life. “I would have liked to have done another five years, however it’s time to close this chapter and do the best I can to be a loving husband, father, brother, and son to my wonderful family.” he said.

Ricard gladly explained several pieces of displayed memorabilia to all who inquired. He invites people to ask him about his career and said that he’d be honoured to share his experiences.