Jardin Educatif Plant Sale



Just in time for spring planting, Le Jardin Educatif du Pontiac held its annual plant sale, June 1. Herbs and vegetables of all kinds were available. This will be the sale’s last year at the Campbell’s Bay location as their long-awaited greenhouse is up at their Litchfield site. There is still much work to do, installing electricity and water lines, but educators Melissa Langevin and Martin Riopel say the greenhouse will be operational in 2025 and may even have some hardy plants like lettuce and kale growing this fall.

Following their mission to help youth adapt and integrate back into school, family, and community, their Litchfield location will operate as usual with youth aged 12-17 earning minimum wage while learning how to grow, harvest, and process produce. – Dale Shutt

Photo:  L/R: Melissa Langevin, Martin Riopel and daughter Gaïa at the Jardin Educatif plant sale, June 1. (DS)