New Pontiac Director of Local Service Networks


Sophie Demers

MRC Pontiac – On November 25, Centre Intégré de Santé et de Services Sociaux de l’Outaouais (CISSSO) announced Nicole Boucher-Larivière as the new Director of Local service networks (RLS) for the Pontiac. The Director will work closely with community partners, managers, physicians, and local teams to improve efficiency and coordination of operations. The director will also support field teams in their daily activities and lead decision-making processes.

“As a director of RLS Pontiac, I do a lot of coordination between teams, and community organizations or the MRC to address issues that affect our health system, so we can improve our services and better reach our goals,” said Boucher-Lariviére. “I am responsible for seeing the big picture when it comes to the issues in the health services and ensuring we are efficiently setting priorities and putting our efforts in the right places.”

The new director has 20 years’ experience as a manager in the RLS and has been the Deputy Director of CISSSO’s Seniors Independence Support Program since 2017.

She also holds a Master of Administrative Science, Management and Development of Organization from the University of Laval.

Originally from the Pontiac, she highlights that she knows the region well and understands the specific needs of the Pontiac: worker shortage, bilingualism, poverty, and aging populations are all realities that need to be addressed. Boucher-Lariviére also highlights the lack of affordable housing as an issue that affects worker retention; it is difficult to keep nurses or other medical staff when there are limited living options in the area, adding, addressing the worker shortage and recruitment is a major priority at the moment.

Local power and resources needed

“Pontiac-Voice is pleased that we will get a manager for the region of Pontiac, and we wish her success. We do hope that the scope of her powers will enable her to get services back to the standards that people were used to before the hospital amalgamation,” said Josey Bouchard spokesperson for Pontiac Voice, a community advocacy group for health services in the region.

“Since the amalgamations with CISSSO, Pontiac’s ability to keep their standard of care has drastically decreased. Pontiac is a rural area and rural health care is different, with unique needs,” said Dr. Thomas O’Neill, who has over 40 years’ experience in healthcare as the chief of various departments such as general medicine and anesthesia. Dr. O’Neill is also on many local committees: he is a current member and founding president of the Pontiac Hospital Foundation; president and founder of the Pontiac medical resource group; and executive member of the Family Medicine Group. “The question is whether CISSSO with give the RLS Director the proper resources and power to successfully support the Pontiac healthcare services,” he concluded.