Sad news and glad news in the Journal


It was a real blow to the heart to read in last week’s Journal of Richard Bowie’s death. He was a man respected by his community without any doubt; the community enjoyed Richard’s good humour and intelligence.

I have thought, when driving into Campbell’s Bay, that here would be an excellent place for one of those wooden, totem pole-like, chainsaw carved animals.  But, why not carved statues of our own leaders and examples? Like Richard Bowie. He’s our loss, but he’s my first nomination for a hand-carved statue!

But the news in the Journal was not all sad . . . and the note of Sylvia Poisson-Hodgins’ 85th birthday is at the top of the “good news” category, I’d say. The photograph of Sylvia is stunning! And leading her huge family is certainly something to be proud of. Sylvia’s warmth and energy is what works her wonders; I’ll miss her big hugs and lovely kisses, smacked on my own shy cheek!

Thank you, Pontiac Journal, for these two news items which I probably would never have seen otherwise.

Fred Ryan