SADC Mingle Jingle

Jon Stewart of Calumet Media gave a presentation on harvesting first party data at the SADC’s annual Mingle Jingle event on December 14.

Bonnie James
Local Journalism Initiative

FORT-COULONGE – The Pontiac Community Futures Development Corporation (SADC) held their annual Mingle Jingle business networking event, December 14 at their headquarters.

The morning event began with local entrepreneurs networking over coffee and snacks. It was well attended by the business community and politicians including MRC Pontiac Warden Jane Toller, Fort-Coulonge Mayor Christine Francoeur, and Mansfield Mayor Sandra Armstrong.

After SADC Director Rhonda Perry greeted attendees, it was time for the event’s feature presentation by Jon Stewart of Calumet Media.

Stewart gave a presentation on harvesting first party data. He spoke about privacy and the law, highlighting businesses’ responsibilities under Law 25; how data can be used and how a data strategy can benefit marketing, customer retention, planning, and automation; the different types of data (first, second, and third party) and how it can be legally collected from customers; cookies, website and social media analytics; and how artificial intelligence (AI) is useful for a variety of purposes from generating images and marketing materials to analyzing data.

Stewart brought it all together by giving an example of a dynamic data strategy featuring a fictional fitness business. He reiterated that an effective strategy will use data to deliver more impactful marketing, convert more leads into paying customers, reduce customer churn, and eliminate manual work. He also introduced the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) which provides larger small businesses with grants to create a digital data adoption plan; Stewart is an approved advisor for the service.

“I’m pleased with the level of attendance this year. The annual event is a great networking opportunity for businesses. It gives the SADC’s partners a chance to come together and meet entrepreneurs, exchange information, and learn about new programs and services. We were happy to host this year’s event in our newly renovated building,” said Perry.

Up next for the SADC, Stewart will be returning to give a series of four “Tech Talks” over the winter. Visit the SADC’s website and social media pages for details.